Core Values

Service Users’ Rights

  • To receive the service that is in your support
  • To have a choice of care.
  • To be fully involved in any decisions made, about your care.
  • To make your own decisions about your lifestyle.
  • To provide advice and guidance especially about your health and safety.
  • To tell us what you think of the service.  This includes the right to make a complaint.
  • To be treated with respect.
  • To expect care assistants to act honestly, and to respect your home and property.

Privacy & Dignity

Here at RJM  Care Services we always understand the need to respect a clients’ privacy and maintain their dignity.
By choosing RJM Care Services, you are exposed to unbeatable care that isn’t just done perfessionally but with endearment.


RJM  Care aims to support clients to live as independently as they possibly can.  This may be in the comfort of their own home which they may have spent many years with treasured memories of loved ones or it may be that the client lives with family members or in warden aided/sheltered accommodation.  Regardless of the environment, we believe in supporting our clients to be as independent as possible.  This means that the care plan will highlight specific areas of daily tasks the client has requested support.

Our Vision​:  ​Is to provide flexible person-centred environments that encourage our staff to support care.

Our MissionIs to provide an excellent standard for all our service users in our care. We believe that everyone in our care has the right to fulfil an independent lifestyle in a safer environment that has freedom of choice, transparency, privacy and dignity.

We are committed to our policy of quality that focuses on highly personalized care by our experienced trained staff.

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