Our Philosophy

RJM Care ensures that care need are provided in accordance to guidance provided by the Care Quality Commission. We aim to provide highest quality healthcare services in partnership with the NHS and Local Authority and well gained nursing care team.

Quality Personal Home Care Services


RJM  Care aims to support clients to live as independently as they possibly can.  This may be in the comfort of their own home which they may have spent many years with treasured memories of loved ones or it may be that the client lives with family members or in warden aided/sheltered accommodation.  Regardless of the environment, we believe in supporting our clients to be as independent as possible.  This means that the care plan will highlight specific areas of daily tasks the client has requested support.

Equality and Diversity

In carrying out our services, measures are taken to ensure that care are provided without any discrimination, direct or indirect, overt or unintentional on the ground of race, sex, marital status, disability, religion, creed, nationality, ethnic or nationality, social background or sexual orientation.


The information we collect from you is used to give you the best care possible. We are required by law to keep any information we have about our clients confidential.  In special occasions we are required to pass our informations onto other fellow professionals.

Using Our Flexibility

Accommodative care allows clients to take advantage of our services at any time of the day. Someone will always be available to assist you with personal care, preparing meals and general household tasks or whatever you need.

Quality Personal Home Care Services

Choice And Option

We have particular staff that are specialised in working in the Learning Disabilities field and are available to support you in the comfort of your home. The timing can vary depending on your needs. You can also seek help at day centres, respite homes or in other settings where you may require support including trips and outings.

A Little Bit More

In addition to the excellent care we provide you may appreciate some companionship or having someone to tell the stories of your past times. We are here to listen to you and adds that little bit extra to your care package.


Our first consultation is free, conducted by one of our professional care team.