RJM Care Services

RJM Care Services Brings The Care To You

Our care service is staffed by a team of nurses and carers working together to give you the most reliable care. Helping those with high dependence needs, individuals receiving palliative care and individuals who have physical and mental long term chronic disabilities.

Our Principle Of Services


We ensure care for individuals, physically and emotionally, respecting their beliefs and cultural back-grounds. We promote individuality, dignity and independence and shape our services to meet the needs of every one of our clients. We ensure that we encourage participation of individuals in all decisions relating to their care and find innovative and creative solutions to problems. We build a strong and trusting relationship with our clients. We ensure that all staff are highly committed, professional and skilled.

Constant Room For Improvement

We talk pride in constantly monitor, review and update our care services in other that we can maintain the standard of services given to our clients. We pride ourselves with an open door policy accepting criticism from our clients and service users. We encourage you to contact us with any concerns or queries. We are aware that your needs may change hence why we constantly review customized care of each of our clients.

Treasuring Every Moment

We will be there for you, taking on the practicalities of life in order to allow you and your family to spend valuable time with each other. We can also accompany you on a trip to the shops, a walk in the park or visits friend and family. We are here to give you that extra bit of support so you can continue to live the life that you are used to.

Care In Your Home

You will be given a Care Plan to keep in your possession. Our care plans contain the details about your personal care including your special needs, medical history, religious beliefs and your expectations of our carers. We will need a consent form to be signed by either you or your next of kin as evidence of your agreement to the terms of your care plan.
You will find all the details about the care the company provides inside your care plan, this is available for both you and your carers to assess.
Once a visit has taken place all staff are expected to record the details of the visit including the type of care and every time they visited. All entires by the carers must be signed and dated at the time they are made.


RJM follow the safe protocols of our profession and make it our priority to ensure clients spend their time in a safe environment. For complex care needs we undertake additional training to make sure our clients are well looked after.

Reason Why Choose RJM Care Services

By choosing RJM you are guaranteed Holistic care for yourself or for your loved ones. Our objective is to offer you professional, trustworthy, flexible care all within the comfort of your home, with dignity and respect. Offering you only the very best.

24/7 Availability

Experienced Expert

Our team improve the quality of life of old people by providing compassionate and attentive care 24 hours a day.

Affordable Prizes

Affordable Prizes

All our prizes are reasonable and affordable. We consider the situation of each of our clients and decide on the prizes.

Experienced Expert

Experienced Expert

Get the best services from well trained and dedicated staff that will give you flexible care within the comfort of your home.

On-time Delivery

On-time Delivery

We offers a wonderful work environment in a fast paced business.


Our first consultation is free, conducted by one of our professional care team. They will discuss the type of care suitable for you to proceed with and what support would be available for you.